Prospects immeasurable, automatic clutch Date: 2014-11-13 Reading times: 217 Source: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Now more and more people learn to drive, and each one whether it is science or not science knows that driving is not a good school, the car is not a good start, though, we all know how to open in theory, but when really started to open when there will be a variety of problems. Learning is always just learning, because the real road is not so smooth, no accidents, the real road uphill, downhill, and so unexpected twists and turns turning the real situation, but novice is absolutely unable to control these situations a.

Now the car market has automatic transmission and manual transmission cars are two types of vehicles, but most people are driving a manual car, because the manual transmission car with low fuel consumption, low price, however, allows the driver to manually shift the car does not feel at ease at random open, most is red street in the town, driving a manual transmission car, left not a moment to rest, even a loose clutch speed start fuel door, turn off the situation also occur, especially novices, the more flameout the more impatient, more car will not start, tossing back and forth several times, left almost no perception of fast.

To liberate our left foot, automatic transmission car appeared, automatic transmission car so that we continue to step on the clutch out of the horrors, just turn the steering wheel, pay attention to the way forward on the line, but the automatic transmission vehicle fuel consumption than the manual the higher price than expensive, automatic transmission car accessories manual transmission is also higher than the manual, and open automatic transmission car for motorists, there is no challenge too, too quiet, and people did not drive for pleasure, a sense of accomplishment, so even better automatic transmission vehicles, these factors have prompted people to choose manual transmission vehicles.

In fact, we are now the addition of an option is to upgrade a manual transmission car for automatic transmission car, you might think I'm joking, after all, these are two types of car, how could get with the upgrade. "Homemade" car-controlled automatic clutch patented product can become automatic transmission car manual car, to allow motorists to drive to get rid of the pain, driving tired of the phenomenon, this patented product from Central Corey International Science and Technology Co., Ltd. launched, we dedicated low carbon environmental protection, mechanical and electrical machinery, automobile new product development and sales.

Automatic clutch manual transmission vehicles without modification, smart chip, original car loaded straight, so you are driving the economy of a manual transmission car, enjoying the convenience of automatic transmission vehicles, we can say, the perfect clutch automatic manual transmission car and automatic together the car stalls.