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Correct use of manual gear clutch

Date: 2015-05-26  Hits: 1953  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Do not step on the clutch without anything

The clutch on the car is in a tightly engaged state during normal driving and the clutch should not slip. When driving, except when the car starts, shifts and the low speed brake needs to step on the clutch pedal, do not step on the clutch or rest on the clutch pedal at other times. Keep your feet on the clutch pedal for a long time while driving. It is easy to cause slippage of the clutch, ablation of the clutch plate, etc. In severe cases, the clutch pressure plate and the flywheel end face are ablatively injured, resulting in failure of the clutch compression spring annealing. At the same time, it will also lead to oil and vehicle costs and increase the cost of driving.

Correct operation at the start

The starting point for clutch escalation is a quick, slow, and triple action. That is, when the pedal is lifted, it is lifted quickly; when the clutch is half-linked (the sound of the engine changes), the pedal is lifted at a slightly slower speed; from the linkage to the fully integrated process, the pedal is slowly lifted. While the clutch pedal is raised, the accelerator pedal is gradually depressed according to the magnitude of the engine resistance so that the vehicle can start steadily.

Correct operation when shifting

When shifting gear during driving, the clutch pedal should be quickly depressed and lifted. Do not appear semi-linkage phenomenon. Otherwise, clutch wear will be accelerated. In addition, pay attention to working with the throttle when operating. In order to make the shift smooth and reduce the wear of the transmission shifting mechanism and the clutch, the use of the two-legged clutch shift method is advocated. Although this method is more complicated, it is a good way to save money by driving a car.

Correct use during braking

In the driving of a car, except that the clutch brake pedal needs to be depressed in addition to the low-speed braking, the brakes in other situations should not be depressed. The method of brake parking in low speed driving is to depress the brake pedal first, and then depress the clutch pedal to make the car stop smoothly.