Washer achieve using technology to change lives Date: 2014-09-14 Reading times: 450 Source: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Today's society, "use technology to change life" is no longer just a slogan, the results of extensive application of advanced science and technology in our lives, improve our quality of life. Take the washing machine, for example, it appears to greatly reduce the workload of family life, has become a good helper of many housewives. 2011, entered the washing machines washing machine industry to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, to create a generation after generation of high-end boutique, adding an indelible mark for our washing machine industry.

Washing machine washing machine industry to get involved in the industry, although late, but it takes a lot of energy, material and financial resources to set up a professional management qualifications deep team. Washing machine washing machine industry since its establishment, has to cooperate with Europe and supporting the industry's top manufacturers, working together to develop key components of the control system and the washing machine motor. Through continuous exploration and innovation, the company developed a washing machine washing machine industry, the Automatic Washing Machine, which is equipped with energy-saving mute DD DC inverter technology is certified by the CCC related household washing performance test, and obtain the relevant certificate.

Automatic Washing Machine washing machine industry, energy saving mute DD DC inverter technology, the use of a washing machine bionic hand rub frequency gear clutch. The principle of the reducer is to use the clutch sliders, clutch lever, clutch plate, bushings, clutch springs, rotating spindle rotation clutch system with brushless DC motor system of fixed plastic blocks and clutch shaft which is composed of an inverter together deceleration clutch new structure. Splined slip clutch structure structure used to achieve a washing machine drum and wave roulette reverse bionic hand rubbing washing function, while plastic brushless DC motor system, easy to install, has good insulation properties, high security .

In addition, traditional washing machine at work, the noise makes consumers feel very distressed. When the washing machine in order to reduce operating noise to disturb people's lives, washing machine washing machine industry use U + Strong triangle solid system to overcome the problem of the industry. By optimizing the triangular damping system, the selection of high-quality damping shock absorbers, scientific design with weights,

Washer mute ensure stable performance. It is understood that the washing machine industry has also established a domestic washing machine factory noise-class laboratory, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a very quiet environment for the product to provide noise testing manufactured products to ensure the requirements to achieve silent, to provide consumers with the best experience feelings. Meanwhile, the washing machine industry, energy saving technology also passed the country's energy consumption test, reached the highest level at the national level.

Updated technology is the product of continuous improvement, upgrade the source, as the research and development of energy-efficient washing machine industry mute DD DC inverter technology, making the development of washing machines tend to be more intelligent, humane, and energy conservation. With the advance of the national energy saving, low carbon environmental protection and energy efficiency vigorous advocacy work to identify, washing machine industry, energy saving, low carbon environmental protection has become a mainstream technology development, washing machine industry will closely follow the development of the pulse of the market, to bring about the entire industry upgrading the technological upgrading and product structure, the use of high-end technology to provide consumers with quality of life.