Troubleshooting maintenance methods used car tires, braking is the key Date: 2014-10-06 Reading times: 233 Source: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Car in long-term use there will be some small problems, glitches, not to mention it is a used car. Especially tires, fuel, brake system is the most prone to security risks. Well, that happens should be how to handle it? What old common fault repair method is it? Let's take a look at it.

A common fault: a puncture foreign body.

The tires are most likely to be worn and damaged areas. Especially when walking the mountain will always be stones or nails puncture the tire, in order to save a lot of owners, roadside repair shop to repair about to continue on their way, and in fact, this method can only be a temporary remedy, at high speed would have a great security risk while driving. Later owners recommend looking for a professional repair shop within the fill, because the professional repair shop will have a special tool for removing tires and repair would be safer with a special curing machine after heating.

Troubleshooting II: fuel consumption have increased significantly.

After a period of time in the car, many owners will suddenly find fuel consumption increased by 10 percent, which in the offing. In fact, the fuel consumption by up also indicates that there has been a potential failure of the vehicle. This is the first thing to understand the reasons for increased fuel consumption, and then to be addressed. Factors leading to increased fuel consumption are many. For example, the clutch slip number of revolutions of the engine will be lost, resulting in fuel consumption soared, the need for timely replacement of the clutch pressure plate and drive wheels.

Troubleshooting III: brake failure.

Brake failure include: brake pedal stroke is too large, the braking action is slow, and even loss of braking efficiency is low, increase braking distance. In this regard, there are three troubleshooting methods. Continuous brake pedal, pedal gradually increased and flexible feel, but pause and then the pedal is still low, namely in the air brake system, brake system response time is exhausted. Foot brake is not working, but when the brake pedal several times in a row tread with good results, the brake pedal free travel is generally too large or brake gap is too large. Pedal free travel should be adjusted, and then check the brake clearance, if necessary brake repair disintegration. Recommended reading: How to determine whether the replacement tire

For the car appeared glitches, the owner must not be ignored, it is a reminder of the existence of your vehicle invisible faults, timely resolution or replacement, not only to ensure traffic safety, but also to extend the life of the vehicle. So, please take it seriously.