China clutch cover industry competition and competitiveness comparison study Date: 2014-11-29 Reading times: 226 Source: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

2012 to 2011, one qi, the "China clutch cover industry competition and competitiveness Comparative Study Report" Relying on years of research firm clutch cover products, combined with the clutch cover products over the years the law of supply and demand changes, the clutch business groups within the product covered in-depth investigation and research, using quantitative and qualitative research methods in writing from.
"2012-2017 China clutch cover industry competition and competitiveness comparative study report" on the clutch cover our products in the market environment, production management, product marketing, brand competition, product import and export, industry investment environment and sustainable development issues conducted a detailed system analysis and forecasting. And on this basis, industry trends analysis and forecasting made a qualitative and quantitative. Provide authoritative for enterprise development strategies, investment decisions and business management, adequate and reliable basis for decision making.
The present study uses data primarily national statistics, the Customs Department, the survey data, the Commerce Department to collect data and other databases. Among the major macroeconomic data from the National Bureau of Statistics, part of the industry, mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics data and market research data, enterprise data mainly from the State Bureau of Statistics Database and size of the business, such as stock exchanges, mainly from customs import and export data and business Ministry of price data mainly from the various market monitoring database.