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Unpredictable prospects, automatic clutch

Date: 2014-10-26  Hits: 2090  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Nowadays, more and more people are learning to drive. Everyone who learns or not learns knows that driving technology is not very easy to learn and the car is not good to open. Although, everyone theoretically knows how to drive, but When you actually start to open, there will be a variety of problems. Learning is always just learning, because the real road is not so smooth, no accident, the real road is uphill, downhill, twists and turns and so unexpected unexpected realities, and the novice is absolutely impossible to manage these situations of.

The current automobile market has two types of automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. Most people drive manual transmissions. Because manual transmissions have low fuel consumption and low prices, manual transmissions do not allow drivers to feel at ease. The opening, the most in the urban area is the red street light, open the manual transmission, left foot can not rest for a moment, even if the first start refueling loose clutch, the flameout condition is also happening from time to time, especially the novice, the more the flameout The more anxious, the more the car couldn't start, tossing back and forth a few times, and left-footed almost no consciousness.

In order to liberate our left foot, the automatic transmission appeared, and the automatic transmission let us get rid of the miserable condition of constantly stepping on and off. Just turn the steering wheel and pay attention to the way forward. However, the fuel consumption of the automatic transmission is better than the manual transmission. The price is also higher than that of the manual transmission. The accessories of the automatic transmission are also higher than those of the manual transmission. Moreover, the automatic transmission of the vehicle is too challenging, too calm for the driver, and the thrill of driving without the driver. A sense of accomplishment, so even if the automatic car is no better, these factors have prompted people to choose a manual transmission.

Actually, we now have one more choice, that is, upgrading manual transmissions to automatic transmissions. You may think that I am joking. After all, this is two types of vehicles. How could one use upgrade? The patented “autonomous” auto-clutch auto-clutch product can convert manual transmissions into automatic transmissions, freeing drivers from the pain of driving and driving. The patented product was launched by China National Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and we are dedicated to Low carbon environmental protection, mechanical and electrical machinery, automotive new product development and sales.

Automatic clutch, no need to refit manual transmission, smart chip, direct loading of the original vehicle, allowing you to drive an economical manual transmission, enjoying the convenience of automatic transmission. It can be said that the automatic clutch will be the perfect manual transmission and automatic The cars were joined together.