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How to remove the smell of air conditioning duct air conditioning

Date: 2015-05-19  Hits: 2044  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Cars generally use air conditioners excessively during the summer season. After a long period of use, the air supply ducts have been filled with dust and odors, affecting both the driving mood and the health. So today we will teach you how to do it yourself and remove air conditioners. The unpleasant smell of the air duct.


For not serious car odors, we can find a sunny day to drive the car to the sun, let the air conditioning system in the warm windshield, and then open the air volume to the maximum, in the state of the door window is fully open for more than ten minutes . One can use ultraviolet light to disinfect the interior of the vehicle; secondly, it allows the hot air to make a thorough circulation of the dirty air inside the air duct. The advantage is that the deodorization work can be completed without spending a penny. The disadvantage is that only weak indoor smells can be removed.

Change air filter

Air-conditioning filter is the most easily overlooked place. Some people do not even know that there is an air-conditioning filter in the car that needs regular cleaning and replacement. However, dirty air-conditioning filter will not only fail to filter dirty air, but also The fresh air that enters the car causes secondary pollution, so you must block the source if you want to completely remove the car smell.

Under normal conditions, the service life of an original air-conditioning filter is 30,000 kilometers or one year. If you frequently drive on roads with poor dirt or air quality, you must shorten the replacement cycle in due course. Especially for people who often smoke in the car, they should pay more attention to changing the air filter. The method of cleaning the filter element itself is very simple. Most air conditioning filters of small cars are under the front windshield of the car. The filter removed is blown with high-pressure gas, and then it is put back in the sun for a few hours. The purpose of removing odors can be achieved in a position, but for a filter element that has been heavily polluted, it needs to be completely replaced.

Wash duct

Replacing the air-conditioning filter element blocks the source of bacteria in the vehicle. However, if there is any bacteria in the air path, it will have an odor. There is an easy way to remove the odor in the air duct, which is the use of air-conditioning duct cleaners. There are many kinds of fungicides for cleaning air ducts on the market. Prices range from tens of dollars to over a hundred dollars, and owners can purchase them on demand. The method of cleaning is also very simple. After stopping the car in a place with good air environment, turn on the air circulation switch to switch the air conditioner to the natural air change block, then spray the cleaning agent at the air outlet evenly into the air duct, and open the window after a few minutes. Open air conditioning can be completely ventilated.

Of course, this method is also suitable for the airway where the pollution is not serious. If it is a vehicle that has not cleaned the air duct for a long time, it is better to go to a professional car care center to do a thorough steam sterilization or photocatalyst. Effective.