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Automotive air conditioning heat pipe

Date: 2015-09-19  Hits: 2062  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Automotive air-conditioning heat pipe is a new technology of air-conditioning heat pipe, now widely used in major brands of cars. The

Automotive air-conditioning heat pipe is the use of high and low pressure pipe temperature difference, the principle of heat exchange to make the high-pressure pipe cooling, in order to improve the cooling effect of automotive air conditioning. The air-conditioning refrigerant passes through the reaction zone of the air-conditioning heat-dissipation tube, and the temperature before and after the high-pressure tube can generally be reduced by about 15 degrees, which is equivalent to the effect of a heat-dissipation network working normally. The lower the temperature of the refrigerant entering the evaporation box, the better the air-conditioning cooling effect, and the working effect of the “two cooling networks” can make the cooling of the air-conditioning more vivid.

Another advantage of air conditioning heat pipes is energy savings. After replacing the air-conditioning heat pipe, the compressor's compliance is greatly reduced, the corresponding engine load is also reduced, and the fuel consumption is naturally reduced. When the air-conditioning cooling effect is improved, the electronic fan changes from high-speed rotation to low-speed rotation, and the power provided by the power supply also naturally decreases.