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Autumn car air conditioning needs to be thoroughly cleaned

Date: 2015-09-20  Hits: 2077  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

In the fall, the weather is gradually turning cool, and it will not be long before the use rate of car air conditioners will suddenly drop, and they will gradually go to sleep. Professionals are reminded that the season is a great time for air conditioning inspection and cleaning.

According to an after-sales expert, the frequency of using air conditioners in summer is very high. Dust and dirt are easily attached to air-conditioner blowers, air ducts, and other places. With rain and residual water, it is easy to cause mildew and bacteria, and it is easy to cause odor problems. It may also harm the skin and respiratory system of the owner and rider.

If odors are already present, you can replace them, clean the air-conditioner filter, and turn on the circulatory system to remove bacteria. Otherwise, when the warm air is turned on again in winter, it will easily smell a moldy sour odor that will affect the inside of the car. air. If you do not clean it up in time, it will lead to poor cooling effect, small air output, and even air conditioning system failure.

How long is the air-conditioning cleaning cycle? According to expert analysis, for owners who need to use air conditioners for four months, before and after using air conditioners for a long time, they can perform maintenance once. Especially in the autumn after the suspension of air conditioning, it is necessary to do a full and complete cleaning. The air conditioning grid, filters, evaporators, and ventilation ducts must not be less. There are also many matters needing attention in maintenance. For example, when cleaning the condenser, you can not use high-pressure water gun, so as not to damage the cooling fins, or cause the circuit short circuit or failure, and remember to clean the gap between the condenser and the radiator to avoid blocking, when cleaning the evaporator, the best Use a special detergent, spray from the air inlet, so that the fine foam deep into the air conditioning box, adsorbed on the evaporator surface for a long time, then you can completely remove the dirt without dismantling. When the car travels from 8,000 kilometers to 10,000 kilometers, the air-conditioning filter should be replaced. When cleaning, it can be cleaned with compressed air from top to bottom and then placed in the sun for a few hours. Do not rinse with water.