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Depress the clutch pedal before starting the car in winter

Date: 2015-10-15  Hits: 2207  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Depressing the clutch first in front of the car is not only conducive to safety, but also can reduce the load on the starter motor, reduce the consumption of battery power, and it will be easier to drive. Why is this so? We may wish to analyze the causes of the car from the relevant structure.

A manual transmission of a car consists of an input shaft, an output shaft, an intermediate shaft, and a reverse shaft. The input shaft is connected to the engine. In the neutral position, the output shaft, the intermediate shaft, and the reverse shaft do not move. Instead, the input shaft rotates only when the engine is started and the clutch is not depressed. This means that even if the car is stationary, part of the gears in the gearbox will move. If the clutch is depressed, any gear in the gearbox will not turn. Therefore, when the driver depresses the clutch, the load on the starter motor is definitely lower than that when the clutch is not depressed, and the rotation is also easier. At the same time, the power consumption of the battery is reduced.

In winter, the temperature is low, the oil becomes thicker, and the resistance when the gear rotates is relatively large. If we can press the clutch and then start the engine, since the engine and the transmission are separated, the gears in the gearbox will not As the rotation, the engine is limited by the limited force, so it is easier to start. This is especially important for cars in the cold winter months.