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How to identify true and false automotive air filter

Date: 2015-11-13  Hits: 2137  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Car air-conditioning filter into everyone's home, basically every car has been installed car air-conditioning filter, but the effect of installing the air-conditioning filter of the car is how much we believe how many people know, but still most people do not know car air-conditioning filter Can you identify a more suitable type of installation or test authenticity? In this issue, we will talk about how to identify the authenticity of automotive air conditioning filters.

The first point is to check whether the product packaging is exquisite, and whether the manufacturer and the logo are clear.

The second point is to see if the product is fine-grained, whether it can generate static electricity and generate suction.

The third, the most effective way is to test through the test chamber. To see if the purchased air conditioning filter can filter the PM2.5 value.

So the automobile air conditioning filter that meets the above three points needs the following points to meet

1. High efficiency: professional electrostatic filling technology, fiber has an electret electret structure, high surface charge density makes the filter material has a high electrostatic precipitator efficiency, active capture ability, can really filter PM2.5 efficiently.

2. Low resistance: The filter material fiber is made by a special process of acupuncture micro-cutting. The structure is fluffy, and the open three-dimensional structure makes the product filter extremely small in resistance and excellent in breathability.

3 excellent material: imported high-quality polypropylene material, oil resistance, water resistance and inhibit bacteria.

4. Strong technology: The cross-section of the fiber is rectangular and has a large area to absorb particles. The deep dust-loading characteristics make the filter life more than twice that of similar products.

5. True authority: Automotive air conditioning filters are required to comply with ISO TS11155-1 and DIN 714560-1 international testing standards. The particle filtration efficiency has passed the authoritative certification of the German Rheinland certification authority before they can truly achieve PM2.5 filtration.