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Why must replace the car air filter?

Date: 2016-02-16  Hits: 2221  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Why must replace the car air filter?

1. The automotive air conditioning filter element is made of polypropylene fiber. The pollen and yellow sand can be filtered first. This can prevent the sensitive skin from providing maximum protection. It contains spores and other fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye.

2. When air conditioners are used in winter, neither the inflow of air nor the circulating air contains harmful dust that is invisible to the naked eye. This is one of the reasons why air conditioner filters must be installed.

3, when fallen debris enters the interior of the vehicle air conditioning filter system, it will cause a musty smell in the vehicle, which can be visually observed when replacing the air conditioning filter element of the automobile.

4, when the car cooling or heating into the outside of the turbid air, make the eyes feel long-term stimulation will cause tears. Danger of driving.

5. Children are particularly sensitive to the sources of pollution in the air. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to replace the air conditioning filters of high-quality automobiles when carrying children.

Automotive air-conditioning filter engine During operation, impurities such as dust and metal debris are constantly mixed into the cylinder. In hazy weather, there are more moisture and pollution particles in the air, and they tend to collect and solidify after being inhaled, which can cause poor air exchange in the engine. If the engine is used for a long time, it will increase fuel consumption. And the smog enters the air conditioning system, leaving moisture and dust on the filter element, which can easily breed bacteria. After starting the air conditioner, not only the intake air quantity is affected, but also the fan and the pipeline are contaminated, resulting in a series of problems. The air-conditioning filter is actually equivalent to the car's "mask", its role is to filter out the debris and impurities in the air, to ensure the normal operation of the engine. At the same time prevent the air intake bacteria breeding, leading to odor inside the car and even affect the health of the occupants of the car. The time to replace the air filter is mainly based on the external environment. In Germany, an Audi A8 can run 150,000 kilometers before changing. In the domestic situation, the maintenance cycle of the air filter of the vehicle is 10,000 kilometers or about six months. However, in the case of severe fog and fog, it is better to replace it once every three months.

Everyone already knows the importance of automotive air conditioning filters, so how do we choose quality automotive air filters?

1. High efficiency: professional electrostatic filling technology, fiber has an electret electret structure, high surface charge density makes the filter material has a high electrostatic precipitator efficiency, active capture ability, can really filter PM2.5 efficiently.

2. Low resistance: The filter material fiber is made by a special process of acupuncture micro-cutting. The structure is fluffy, and the open three-dimensional structure makes the product filter extremely small in resistance and excellent in breathability.

3 excellent material: imported high-quality polypropylene material, oil resistance, water resistance and inhibit bacteria.

4. Strong technology: The cross-section of the fiber is rectangular and has a large area to absorb particles. The deep dust-loading characteristics make the filter life more than twice that of similar products.