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Cold winter season air conditioning to use

Date: 2015-09-25  Hits: 2050  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

During the winter season, car air conditioners often turn on. Then, what are the things that need attention in the hot wind in winter and what temperature is right for you? For new cars, ventilate the windows regularly because the new car evaporators will use chemicals such as glue during assembly, which will pollute the air inside the car. In addition, the winter car air conditioning temperature should not be too high, there are two reasons: First of all, the temperature difference between the inside and outside the car is too large, people feel uncomfortable; Second, high ambient temperature, it is easy to make people sleepy, unfavorable driving safety.

When you turn on the air conditioner, you should always use the auto key of the air conditioning panel so that the temperature inside the vehicle is relatively stable, the human body will feel comfortable, and the air quality inside the vehicle will be maintained. You have to remind you to use the outer circulation in a clean environment to purify the air inside the car. If your car is manually air-conditioned, you need to open the air-conditioning system often in winter to protect the performance of the air-conditioning system.

In addition, frequent inspections of pollen filters and air conditioner evaporation boxes can effectively remove odors and bacteria from the air conditioning system. This is a very important thing for the owner's health.