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Meeting the weather of haze to be good at using the air conditioning equipment in the car

Date: 2015-10-06  Hits: 1997  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Autumn and winter seasons are slowly approaching us. It is the time when hazy weather is frequent. We remind everyone that when haze occurs, people should try to avoid outdoor activities. Otherwise, the more it moves, the more poisons inhaled into the lungs, and virtually become a vacuum cleaner for poisonous fog. If you travel, it is best to wear a mask or scarf. Children with weaker resistance should try to stay indoors to prevent respiratory diseases. Healthy people can also experience symptoms of discomfort. After returning home, they should wash their face and bare skin.

Once this kind of weather is encountered, in addition to the necessary commuting trips, the riders are advised to minimize outdoor trips, especially traveling by car and reduce the chance of inhaling harmful gases.

Because of the presence of ash in the air, visibility on the road is bound to be greatly affected. Therefore, when driving on the road, riders must pay special attention to the roads and vehicles on the front and sides, and reduce the speed of the vehicle. Distance, and when it is ensured that there is no incoming vehicle, the overtaking may be carried out.

In addition, when driving on the road, you can try to stay in the middle of the road, not too close to both sides of the road, because if the sight is blocked, if there are emergencies such as pedestrians rushing out of the road on both sides of the road, it is extremely prone to traffic accidents. In the event of severe haze, the front and rear headlight fog lights should be turned on during the day.

Make good use of air conditioning equipment in the car

Since the air on the road is seriously polluted, of course, we in the car must avoid direct breathing of these harmful gases. Therefore, even if the outside temperature is low, we should turn on the air conditioner at this time and adjust it to an "internal circulation" mode to ensure that we can breathe cleaner air.

At present, many new models are equipped with “negative ion generators” or on-board air purifiers, and this is a good opportunity for these devices to show off. The riders have to remember to turn on these air purification devices, and don't let the devices they bought cost a big sleep.

If the car is not equipped with these devices, the riders can also purchase similar air filtration or purification equipment on a reputable online shopping site, usually only fixed in the car and connected to the cigarette lighter to work properly.

Replacement or cleaning of the air in the air filter of the air conditioning filter in advance is achieved through the air conditioning filter. In other words, after long-term use, the air conditioning filter will certainly absorb a considerable amount of dust and other debris. If you do not regularly clean and replace, not only the air filter effect is greatly reduced, but also easily breed various germs in the air conditioning system.

For the vast majority of models, the price of air-conditioning filters is relatively cheap. When the riders perform routine maintenance or repairs, they can help the 4S shop replace the air-conditioner to ensure the fresh and clean air-conditioning in the car.