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Automotive air conditioning is stressful, 5 black time can not be opened

Date: 2015-10-21  Hits: 2157  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

I do not know whether or not you have heard of someone driving air-conditioners to talk about work or sleep in a closed car. Eventually, because of the high concentration of carbon monoxide that suffocated and died? I believe everyone's answer is yes. In fact, the use of air conditioning in the car is very particular, and the following small series summarizes the five "black time", to remind you not to open the car air conditioning, or hurt and injure the car. 

1, parking, air conditioning, rest

In order to ease fatigue, or stop people from parking, some people parked their cars on the side of the road, closed the doors and windows, opened the air conditioner, and "enjoyed" the comfort of cooling. What's more, simply lying in the car seat with air-conditioner fell asleep. This is extremely dangerous. This is exactly what the opening chapter said about the accident.

When the car is in motion, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the car is very low because of the convection of air through the air-conditioning equipment. However, when the car is stopped and the air-conditioner continues to open, the doors and windows are closed, the air in the vehicle cannot be convected, and if the carbon monoxide emitted by the engine leaks into the car, it will gradually accumulate and increase its concentration, causing poisoning and even death.

Tip: It is best to check the hood and chassis frequently for leaks. When you find that there is exhaust leakage in the car, you should not turn on the air conditioner, and do not leave the air conditioner in the car to avoid danger.

2, open the air conditioning smoking in the car

Some people seem to be refreshing when they stop or when they wait in the car, turn on the air conditioner, and put a cigarette on it. However, doing so is harmful to your health. The reason is very simple, because the doors and windows are closed, so the smoke can not be discharged at a time, it will naturally stimulate your eyes and respiratory system.

Tip: Parking air conditioning is inherently harmful. If you do smoke again, it's really wrong. If you can't help but want to smoke, open the window and adjust the air conditioning out of the air to the outer circulation.

3, randomly choose air conditioning temperature

Some people seem to feel very cool in order to cool it down and keep the temperature low. However, in doing so, the body's endocrine system is easily adjusted, but it is easy to get diseases such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, and cold.

When the indoor temperature is controlled too low, such as below 20 °C, it will lead to a variety of uncomfortable disorders, such as leg aches, general weakness, chills, headaches, sore throat, abdominal pain, backache, neuralgia of the extremities, and severe cases can even occur Oblique eyes and other symptoms.

Tip: Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the compartment is different from the outside temperature by 5°C-6°C, so it is best for the owner to compare the outside temperature when adjusting the temperature.

4, air conditioning always open in the low gear

Open air-conditioning in the car, most people will not open to the maximum block, thinking that doing so will cost oil, and the fan's noise is too much, makes people upset. Of course, this idea is not wrong, but if you always do not open to the maximum block, you will also get sick, the reason is very simple.

When the air conditioner is in use, it will inhale a lot of dust, form dirt, over time, moldy, and then distributed through the air conditioner to the car, it is easy to inhale the body in the car, this is not sick? Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned up to the maximum limit, and the air conditioning inside the air conditioner should be blown out with strong wind power.

Tip: At intervals, the air conditioner will be opened to the maximum, and blowing for half an hour can effectively prevent dust accumulation. Of course, people should stay out of the air.

5, enter the car to open air conditioning

The weather was hot outside, and the inside of the car was hotter. When you got into the car, a wave of heat struck you and it was too hot to bear. Your first reaction might be to turn on the air conditioner, and look for cool wind to dispel heat waves. However, this is a very wrong behavior. This not only results in poor cooling, but also increases the pressure of the engine during initial operation.

Tip: Heat is hot, but also advise everyone to be patient. After getting on the car, open all the windows first, start the external circulation system of the air-conditioner, remove the hot air, and then close the windows after the temperature in the compartment drops. Turn on the air conditioner again and adjust to a suitable temperature.