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Winter maintenance is very important

Date: 2015-11-28  Hits: 2060  From: Zhejiang Hangtai automotive Components Co.,Ltd

Air Conditioning System

Maintenance method: test whether there is hot air and dust smell

In winter, when it comes to the season of using warm air, the warm air system will malfunction after it is stopped for a long time. Try to check whether there is hot air, whether the fan runs abnormally, and whether the air duct is open. Sometimes the antifreeze in the warm water pipe is not flowing for a long time, the condensation will clog the circulation pipe, the dust in the car will be excessive, and the odor will be the air-conditioner pipe has not been cleaned for many years and the air-conditioner has not been replaced for a long time. Although the filter does not affect traffic, it is extremely harmful to the human body and it is also very troublesome to repair. Therefore, it must be promptly repaired or replaced.


Maintenance methods: to moderate

In winter, the amount of antifreeze must be appropriate. Antifreeze is changed every two years, but the mixed antifreeze must be replaced one year. In use, it should be noted that different brands of different models of products do not mix. Followed by oil, the winter lubrication of the car is relatively high, if you use the summer oil must be replaced, the use of a longer time, black color, poor adhesion of the oil should be replaced to ensure smooth engine start.


Maintenance method: Replace high-scale gasoline

For fuel, high-grade gasoline can be replaced in winter. If you normally use 90-gas, you can change to 93-gasoline. Because the car's ambient temperature in winter is low, the use of high-grade gasoline has a higher ignition point and a stronger ignition capability.

Glass cleaning fluid

Maintenance methods: add the right amount of alcohol

Although the use of glass cleaning fluid in the winter will be significantly reduced, but it can not be ignored. Some car owners use fresh water in other seasons, but in the winter, those substitutes often freeze, so they cannot be used in winter. In the environment below zero degrees Celsius in winter, anti-freezing winter glass cleaning fluid should be replaced, or an appropriate proportion of alcohol should be added to reduce the freezing point and freeze resistance.

Car body

Maintenance method: Waxing, before the winter is best to do a "beauty" for the car body. Because the cold weather after winter, the number of scrubbing the vehicle will be reduced, so early winter waxing is a good way to maintain car paint. In addition, the waxed body is not easy to wet, and it is not prone to condensation and ice formation in winter.


Maintenance method: add electrolyte

The battery is most afraid of low temperature. Under low temperature environment, the battery capacity is much lower than that at normal temperature.

Therefore, before the advent of the cold season, the electrolyte of the storage battery should be replenished to adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. At the same time clean the battery terminals, and apply special grease to protect it, ensure reliable start-up, extend battery life. If the vehicle is parked in the open air or in a garage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery from being icing damaged.